Which loan is better?

This calculator will compare two mortgages: one with a lower interest rate and one with fewer points.

Place your cursor in the fields and fill in the requested information to the best of your knowledge. Use the tab key on your keyboard to move through the form. Once the required fields are completed, the form will automatically populate with the information you have requested.

Mortgage A (Lower interest rate) Mortgage B (Fewer points)
$ Monthly Payment $ Monthly Payment
Years You Plan on Living in the House Years You Plan on Living in the House
$ Prepayment Penalty $ Prepayment Penalty
$ Dollar Amount of Points $ Dollar Amount of Points
$ Principal Remaining When You Vacate Premises $ Principal Remaining When You Vacate Premises
Total Cost Total Cost

If the total cost for each of the two mortgages is reasonably close, choose the one with the lower annual percentage rate (APR). However, if the APR's are close and there is a significant difference in the total cost, you are probably better off choosing the mortgage with the lower long-run cost.

Note: This calculator is provided to give you a general idea. We cannot guarantee the accuracy or the applicability to your situation. Please consult a qualified professional. If you use a 0% interest value, the calculator will automatically use a default value of .001. Please be aware that the values may vary slightly.